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Monday, March 14, 2011

Be My Guest

Have manners flown out the window?

At work are you judged by how you handle yourself with others or are common courtesies left unsaid and ignored?  Personally, I feel through our lack of manners, we are deficient in some way.  
Times are certainly hard for most of us and simple manners mean more now than ever.  They make the sting of the hardship around us a little more bearable.  A simple hello, held door on a blind date (OK, I had to throw this in), allowing an elderly lady enter a doorway first, a nod to job well done by written note.  It all adds up. 
Manners are certainly not only for the elite, who by the way, can be the worst of all when left with unmananged money induced entitlement issues, but I am not speaking to that here.
Manners sees no class and is fair game for all who want to play.
Why do manners help or hurt us, if at all? Do share.

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