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Monday, October 25, 2010

Watch What You Watch PSA - Make A Difference

Please participate in the grassroots campaign to get The Creative Coalition’s Watch What You Watch PSA on your local network affiliate channels.  You can view Watch What You Watch here.

Just copy the letter below and send it to the programming departments of your local affiliates:  for NBC local affiliate listings please visit here; for ABC local affiliate listings please visit here; for CBS local affiliate listings please visit here; for FOX local affiliate listings please visit here; for CW local affiliate listings please visit here.

Watch What You Watch is a PSA campaign to promote healthy media images for youth. The PSA is the cornerstone of a national initiative to ensure parents and their children are more aware of the media content they are exposed to on a daily basis. The campaign is created in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, and the National Association of Broadcasters.

If you have a mother, a daughter, a niece, a child whom you care about, or a grandmother who taught you a great life lesson; copy, click and send.

As an active viewer of your network and someone who lives in this community, we are encouraging you to please broadcast the compelling new PSA, Watch What You Watch.  Watch What You Watch promotes the healthy portrayal of girls and women in the media.

Watch What You Watch, is available in a :30 second and :60 second version and features leading talent from television, film and music who volunteered their voices in order to emphasize the importance of helping young people make educated choices about what they watch and how they relate to the images they see.
Watch What You Watch was distributed via satellite to local TV broadcasters, local cable systems, and cable networks nationwide on October 15 by the National Association of Broadcasters, and it will be distributed again in mid-November. If for any reason your system has not acquired the PSA you can access and download either Apple Pro-Rez HQ Codec @ 1920 x 1080 master files or smaller .mov files by visiting:


If the direct link above does not work, you may login by following the instructions below:

Url - http://postspots.com/job_login.php?p=homesteadedit
JobID - 74493
Password – watch

You also can view the Watch What You Watch PSA at http://vimeo.com/15611167 or at http://vimeo.com/15611261.

Watch What You Watch was produced by The Creative Coalition in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the USA, the National Association of Broadcasters, and National Cable & Telecommunications Association.

The Creative Coalition (www.thecreativecoalition.org) is the premiere 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan social and public advocacy organization of the arts and entertainment community. Founded in 1989 by prominent members of the creative community, The Creative Coalition is dedicated to educating and mobilizing its members on issues of public importance.

For more information or further assistance please contact Dennis St. Rose, Media Associate for The Creative Coalition at 212-512-8570, or at DStRose@TheCreativeCoalition.org.

We hope that you will broadcast the PSA, Watch What You Watch.

Your Name
Your Address

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Listening to the Rain and more....

I've been keeping busy and happy since my last post.  Don't think I forgot to write.

My fingers are moving on their own this Thursday night, having typed and talked from morning till night on some pretty interesting projects ensuring they see the light of day.  One day soon, I will be over joyed.

I have kept active, hiking with my friend Marlene and her honey Christopher, will bring a compass if going on a new trail next time, but who would think of this on a beautiful Sunday afternoon; running on my favorite trail and hearing the water trickle down the leaves in the morning is my absolute best moment when I realize it happening.

Been in DC a few times, at business lunch after lunch, umpteen conference calls (thank God for those) on a plane, in traffic, in parent teacher meetings, enforcing boundaries, cooking meals and trying to stay as calm as I practice in my meditation. For the most part I have to say, my stress is being managed pretty well (despite unpredictable business/personal/LIFE stuff).  Yes, I can say, some improvement can be felt and boy, good friends rock.

The running 3-4 X's a week, yoga 1X, eating well and nutritious foods when I'm hungry (including the best chocolate around), and forcing myself to "SHUT UP AND MEDITATE!", as my meditation sign says with a Buddha sitting silently,  allows me to create a space among the life I lead.   This I believe, has made the most difference.

Learning to actively listen in disagreement, or in love, is powerful.  I am hearing more than I ever had.   I still have the urge to jump in and add my two cents, but the more I hold back the more I gain and feel less childish, more professional and less needy.  So interesting how that works.

I bid you, Good night!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Video Nature Run Day 7

Friday, October 1, 2010

Omm Downward Dog Day 5

I was so happy to stretch in my regular Friday Yoga class this morning...actually missed my run but wouldn't miss my class with Peace Denise...Nice to see a full house on this incredibly wet and tumultuous day.

Right after drop off with a conference call in route, I was on my way.  No stalling.  Sticking with the system, on auto pilot.  

I never know what I will learn or work on each Friday. 

Today we worked on binding which makes you sweat like a dog.  At least I always do.  Not an easy set of poses but I give it may best.

Denise led us through sun saluations, reminding us to breath through the pain (really important and simply wonderful when you loosen up due to your breathing into the area that's tight).  Ideas and concepts about being mindful, not giving into desires, cravings, impulses, and honoring being in the moment.  Letting things wash away, not to over worry.  All good to contemplate at the end of a busy week and wonderful life lessons to practice, practice, practice. 

I like to call these Friday classes fine tuning my soul while ringing out my body.  It feels so good, yet so hard to do.

Nameste....happy Friday!