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Monday, May 16, 2011

Reader Beware- The Journey of Bradi Nathan

I've always been very forthcoming. The girl who wears her emotions on her sleeve- that's me.  One would describe me as outgoing, honest, and even funny at times, with excellent social skills to boot. I have two awesome kids, a nice home and a husband who adores me.  It's a life I've always dreamed of having... one that some may even envy.  So why then, I ask, was I so fucking miserable? Tortured by self-loathing, constantly striving for perfection, in business and in appearance, and now, obsessive compulsive.  What happened to the woman we all once knew? When exactly did I become so lost in myself that I could not release myself from the vacuum that sucked me away?  

After many a breakdown, a bit of therapy and some meds thrown into the mix, I am now able to answer some of my own questions.  It wasn't an outside force (kids, hubbie, carpools or work) that was making me miserable. I was making myself miserable and the tipping point into my depressive state... the book, "Skinny Bitch."

I wish I could undo my downward spiral and give back every word that I soaked up.  One thing is certain, after reading, and sticking to the guidelines of the "Skinny Bitch", you WILL become a SKINNY BIATCH!!

This is my journey and it has only just begun.

Bradi Nathan is a mother of two, Co-Founder of MyWorkButterfly.com- a social networking site for return-to-work and working moms, and the Founder of For You Two- a mommy-and-me based program. Prior to having children, Bradi worked as the Advertising Manager at Marie Claire magazine, after a few years at Town & Country magazine as Beauty Advertising Director.

Bradi Nathan


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