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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get Your Happy Chi On: Q&A with Julie Anna Alvarez

Emme: How did you come to Feng Shui?

Julie Anna: I discovered Feng Shui because my sister, Clara, asked a friend of ours to buy 
her a book on the topic for her birthday in 1996. Had never heard about Feng 
Shui before that.

Emme: How did you get hooked?

Julie Anna: I ended up reading that book my sister got as a gift -- it was a bit "advanced” for me, but I understood the foundational concept that this works because everything around us and we ourselves are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. I "got it" that energy can influence energy. I bought myself a couple of other books (there were not many available at the time) and 
began implementing Feng Shui "cures" at home.  Positive things began to happen
 for me and my sister with whom I shared the apartment -- she even got a new job
 after having met many roadblocks prior to that!  These amateur successes led me to take my first training course with author/expert Nancy Santo Pietro in
 January of 1999 and I was so fascinated and saw more positive results with my 
first "homework project" clients that I was hooked for good!  I ended up taking 
5 certification training courses and completed them all by December of 2000.

Emme: Why do you feel Feng Shui is important to practice in our lives?

Julie Anna: Feng Shui is important knowledge for people to have in order to live more
 harmonious, successful lives. It helps them clear some of the energy blocks 
that prevent all the good things life has in store for them from coming to them
 more easily (and helps them sail through the tough times more quickly and with 
resilience).  Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your living environment and we
 all deserve to live and work in places that support our best lives.

Emme: What can people do to find their passion?

Julie Anna: Cultivate your curiosity, follow the things that spark your interest and
 enthusiasm.  If one of those interests turns out to be something you seem to be 
good at and that you enjoy, pursue it further and see how you can incorporate 
it more into your life.  I never would have predicted that reading one book out
 of curiosity would have led me to developing a new area of expertise that
 allows me to help people in such a fulfilling way! When I was in my Feng Shui
 training courses, my classmates gave me the nickname "Happy Chi" because I was
 so happy learning and practicing Feng Shui.  That's why my company is
 named "Happy Chi Solutions" and as my logo says, "Creating Harmony One Space At 
A Time" -- this is exactly what I do with Feng Shui and I love it!
Julie Anna Alvarez is a Feng Shui consultant and public speaker with a unique background that allows her to relate to the myriad concerns of both her residential and business clientèle. A graduate of the internationally acclaimed training program “The Accelerated Path™” founded and taught by Feng Shui expert and author Nancy SantoPietro, Julie Anna Alvarez was personally mentored by SantoPietro and was a Senior Associate of Nancy SantoPietro & Associates, prior to launching her own Feng Shui consultation and seminars enterprise, Happy Chi Solutions.

Julie Anna Alvarez

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