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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mary Beth Shewan- Life Coaching Part 2 of 4

Whether you’re looking to achieve goals in your life, career or business all coaching is about the person, not the circumstances.  Most coaches have a niche in order to reach out to clients they feel are a good match for their particular passions.  Still, you’ll learn, coaching will touch on your whole life. How we are in one area can translate into how we are in another area of our lives, and everything affects everything else. 
All coaching starts with a coachable goal (i.e. find a fulfilling career or expand my business by 30%).  Once a goal or goals are established, the coach partners with you to first become the world leading expert in YOU:  values, strengths & weaknesses, passion, purpose, priorities, and self-imposed obstacles.  Then a plan is formed to create the change desired.  There is homework all along the way and action is requested; accountability is held.  A transformation occurs as you take actions in alignment with who you are and your goals.  You develop more courage, clarity, and self-acceptance.  You confront your unique resistance to change while finding new ways of being that create fulfillment and balance in your life.  The coach acts in partnership with you and is an objective voice, while also being an unconditional champion for your success. 
Mary Beth Shewan, M.S., MCC is principal of Wholelife Coaching in Albuquerque, NM and has been a Conscious Living Coach for 14 years.  As a professional coach, she’s worked internationally one-on-one, with groups, and through tele-classes.  Mary Beth is dedicated to helping clients develop balance, abundance, and authentic work. She finds great joy in her meditation practice and study of Universal Spirituality. 
Contact her at: 505-292-6478

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