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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The "Boobie Syndrome"- Diane Matkowski Part 2 of 2

The middle of the body, or the pelvis, is what keeps us balanced.  In Chinese theory, it is where the sky and the ground meet in the human body.  When our shoulders are crouched forward and we lead with our heads/chest, our back muscles tighten to keep us upward.  They are in an extended state for most of the day and this becomes the muscles strongest position.  Meaning, they actually get stronger in the crouched state, as they remain there most of the day.  If we neglect to strengthen muscles in the opposite direction, our back muscle become weakened. Eventually, the human body adapts to poor posture, and the body accommodates itself by tightening and strengthening certain areas more than others. Sadly, the unbalance of the body due to poor posture causes pain and discomfort.  Fortunately, this process can be counterattacked through exercises that strengthen the back, practicing better posture and massages.
Massage allows the muscles to loosen; it also increases blood flow, oxygen and body awareness.   Body awareness is especially important because clients are often not aware of tight areas until bodywork sessions begin.  Depending where you go, you will get a plethora of reasons why you are in pain.  There are many options and opinions out there, but I believe a good first step is getting back to the basics.  In my opinion, using the modality of massage is a great option. It is a trusted, healing method that has existed for hundreds of years and is a great, natural alternative to surgery and medication. 
Learn how to become aware of your body, through the magic of massage.  Lead with your hips, appreciate your body (through exercise, good food, drinking water, and good posture), and most importantly, love your boobies!

Diane Matkowski is the owner of Freedom Massage in Paoli, PA. She is a continuing education provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, an organization that certifies massage therapists.Over her 13 years in this field—and tens of thousands of massage sessions—she have learned from brilliant body workers and trained with the best. Now, she endeavors to instill both her knowledge of and passion for this work in every detail of my business/bodywork.

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