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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mary Beth Shewan- Life Coaching Part 1 of 4

Mary Beth Shewan is a life coach that Emme has personally used and has gained significant insight from over the years of their friendship. 

Mary Beth Shewan, M.S., MCC is principal of Wholelife Coaching in Albuquerque, NM and has been a Conscious Living Coach for 14 years.  As a professional coach, she’s worked internationally one-on-one, with groups, and through tele-classes.  Mary Beth is dedicated to helping clients develop balance, abundance, and authentic work. She finds great joy in her meditation practice and study of Universal Spirituality. 

Introducing the first of a four part series: 
I often get asked how I became a Life Coach.  Like many of the folks I work with, I was working in a job that felt more like a prison sentence than a career.  It was safe, secure, and paid well yet my soul was withering with each passing day.  I had to find something that gave me the freedom to express my talents and gifts; something that allowed me greater flexibility in my schedule while still be able to make a descent living.
I remember the first coaching course I took in March 1997 just like it was yesterday.  It was one of my life’s defining moments.  Within the first two hours, the instructor said, “We see clients as naturally, creative, resourceful, and whole.  There is nothing to be fixed and they are the experts in their lives, not you.”  Inside, I was jumping for joy.  This was something I always knew intuitively and it aligned with every fiber of my being.  I knew with that foundational premise, coaching was indeed the transformational process I was searching for; I was hooked.  I continued my training, eventually achieving the Master Certified Coach designation in 2006.  Oh and I hired my first coach immediately. 

Contact her at: 505-292-6478

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