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Friday, October 1, 2010

Omm Downward Dog Day 5

I was so happy to stretch in my regular Friday Yoga class this morning...actually missed my run but wouldn't miss my class with Peace Denise...Nice to see a full house on this incredibly wet and tumultuous day.

Right after drop off with a conference call in route, I was on my way.  No stalling.  Sticking with the system, on auto pilot.  

I never know what I will learn or work on each Friday. 

Today we worked on binding which makes you sweat like a dog.  At least I always do.  Not an easy set of poses but I give it may best.

Denise led us through sun saluations, reminding us to breath through the pain (really important and simply wonderful when you loosen up due to your breathing into the area that's tight).  Ideas and concepts about being mindful, not giving into desires, cravings, impulses, and honoring being in the moment.  Letting things wash away, not to over worry.  All good to contemplate at the end of a busy week and wonderful life lessons to practice, practice, practice. 

I like to call these Friday classes fine tuning my soul while ringing out my body.  It feels so good, yet so hard to do.

Nameste....happy Friday!

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