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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Leave the quick fix in the dust! Day 4

I started my day well, despite Storm Nicole blowing us all around.  Yes, it was raining, and raining and the more I was thinking of how much it was raining, how sloshy the rain is, how cold and damp the rain would feel on my skin, how much work I had, decisions to make and people to reach out to.  I realized an old pattern tried to creep in...procrastination.
Believe me I am so happy I am running, when I went to bed last night I felt proud I was putting me first but as quickly as this morning, amazing to see sabotage attempting to knock my good feelings down a notch.  I will just need to be more aware and make sure I make a point to bee line it straight from drop off to my routine. 

I so do not have time to waste, but this morning instead I...

1. went to Starbucks to grab a treat coffee (I make mine at home most of the time, this time it was a stalling technique)

2. went to Kmart to pick up winter boots. (could have been done after my "Fully Fit work out" time that I have now scheduled into my calendar: 8:30am-10am, shower included) but hey, I was on auto pilot, repeating an old pattern...
tick tick tick the time went and without knowing, an hour slipped by.

Finally  I checked in with myself and said, drive....just drive to the reservoir, get out of the car, lock the car, now RUN.  You heard me RUN...(I am one of "those", I talk to myself, also).

What's up?  About to give myself permission to skip out on my daily gift of exercise because of a little rain (its not soup falling on your head for God sake!)...really, Emme! 

I called myself a duck, waddling down the rain soaked path and brought it back to an encouraging comment.  "I'm a duck, but a running, committed duck", (I cracked myself up)  "not many out on a day like today", "I actually like the rain" and so on till I was done with my loop.

Thank YOU for helping me mark another day on my calendar in honor of my goddessness and health!   Glad to know I am not alone in this effort to find balance!

gratitude for little things:
Hats off to my comfy Ryka running shoes (size 11 mind you!) and trusty Columbia rain baseball cap with back flap...those two items made a difference today.

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