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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Listening to the Rain and more....

I've been keeping busy and happy since my last post.  Don't think I forgot to write.

My fingers are moving on their own this Thursday night, having typed and talked from morning till night on some pretty interesting projects ensuring they see the light of day.  One day soon, I will be over joyed.

I have kept active, hiking with my friend Marlene and her honey Christopher, will bring a compass if going on a new trail next time, but who would think of this on a beautiful Sunday afternoon; running on my favorite trail and hearing the water trickle down the leaves in the morning is my absolute best moment when I realize it happening.

Been in DC a few times, at business lunch after lunch, umpteen conference calls (thank God for those) on a plane, in traffic, in parent teacher meetings, enforcing boundaries, cooking meals and trying to stay as calm as I practice in my meditation. For the most part I have to say, my stress is being managed pretty well (despite unpredictable business/personal/LIFE stuff).  Yes, I can say, some improvement can be felt and boy, good friends rock.

The running 3-4 X's a week, yoga 1X, eating well and nutritious foods when I'm hungry (including the best chocolate around), and forcing myself to "SHUT UP AND MEDITATE!", as my meditation sign says with a Buddha sitting silently,  allows me to create a space among the life I lead.   This I believe, has made the most difference.

Learning to actively listen in disagreement, or in love, is powerful.  I am hearing more than I ever had.   I still have the urge to jump in and add my two cents, but the more I hold back the more I gain and feel less childish, more professional and less needy.  So interesting how that works.

I bid you, Good night!

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