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Friday, July 8, 2011

"Plus-sized women: It's our turn for fine fashion"

Check out the recent CNN article by Amy Wilson,
 "Plus-sized women: It's our turn for fine fashion". This is an eye opening article with great expert opinions and statistics. It addresses why clothing for larger figures is not as available in the market as smaller sizes and the efforts to try to change this. 

"The average-sized woman in America is either a 14 or 16 -- depending on who you ask and what style she's got on (and sometimes which afternoon she's trying it on)."

"Women don't want their self-esteem bashed when they walk into a department store," said Emme, the first plus-sized supermodel, head of emmenation.com and now an actress in New York. "I don't think we're talking about anorexics or those morbidly obese. We're talking about what's real.

The "size-14 on top and size-16 on bottom" mother and entrepreneur says: "Look. We eat right. We exercise when we can. We take care of our kids. We want to look good. We aren't built like teenagers. Just once I'd like to see us take a day and not buy anything from a certain segment of stores and then they'd see how much buying power we have."


  1. Dear Emme! THANK YOU for writing this! I have been REALLY struggling this week with my size and really needed to read this.
    Spending my evening reading your book for even more encouragement.
    Have a PRETTY day!

  2. Have a pretty terrific day back at you!