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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zen and the art of yoga and shoveling dirt!

Started my day with getting to yoga class. The first Saturday in a very long time. Tight hamstrings!! Forward bends now feel like I'm beginning all over again. My periformus muscle injury from 8 months ago will take time to heal...a matter of my ego saying I could do a bind (when you twist like a pretzel and clasp your hands together, at least try to with out falling over) when in fact, I should never have gone as deep as I should. Going back a few steps is the price I have to pay, honoring time to heal.

Life is really taking one step at a time, being present and not letting everything get you tied up in the enormity of it all...and giving ourselves time to heal.

Right now, I'm working on focusing on what is right in front of me instead of being caught up with the big picture. (so many people have creative ideas, but very few actualize their dreams because doing the actual work toward the goal is the hardest part). This is just like building a better self image or applauding one's body for all it does.

I know I feel better mentally when I work out regularly, even when I don't have the time, I must make the time. Additionally, by preparing fresh fruits and veggies in ways that are not only visually pleasing but tasty is the key for me to stay at a healthy weight (as well eating balanced portions numerous times during the day, a variety of foods and not leaving out occasional good for you sweets)...lastly, remembering that "The Big Picture" (especially when rebuilding life/career/romantic relationships) can't be achieved unless we take steps toward it. Not to let fear push away opportunities, open doors, and basically not allowing myself to get in my own way.

It takes time and effort to see what greatness we already possess and even more determination to see ourselves as the best YOU/WE/I can be.

My goal with this blog is to share how I try to achieve life balance. This will be my real journey and it's function is to throw out a life line, to make you feel less alone along this never ending body image and self esteem road to self discovery. No one has this mastered. In fact, it is a life long series of lessons of trial and error.

It is my hope that my journey to improve my own body image and self esteem will spill over not only to my family, personal life and career, but will motivate a spark in you, to challenge what life throws at you and find answers that suit you and your life best.

Next, eating lunch and shoveling mulch around my front yard!


  1. We all need this elusive BALANCE. Thanks for posting. I'll be looking for more.

  2. You are an inspiration...I can't wait to read more. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you both. Definitely more to come...