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Monday, August 30, 2010

Making Space For You

In the early morning when the birds are beginning their chorus, I can find a 30 minute window to have as my own.  Although I'm not an early bird, I know my day flows so much better when I bring this practice into my life, almost miraculously. 

"I don't have the time!" "Meditation is hard." "How can sitting in one position for 30 minutes a day help with my body image?"  I really don't have an answer other than by doing this I feel the the negative self talk dissipate into being purely in the present (in the moment) which is safe and totally undeniable for one's self acceptance.  I make the time because it's so darn effective.  Also, if I feel I need a change, it all starts at home, inside of ourselves, never in what we buy, what diet we try, body we want to emulate or home we occupy.  But right here.

I'm find if I miss a day, I'm more scattered and unfocused, not on track.  So for both my personal and business life, I feel this tool is incredibly helpful to keep me at my best.  (my reactions are less dramatic, and no matter what is thrown at me, I am finding the space I need to think more clearly than over reacting on the spot)

Try it for yourself.  Mark the time out for yourself, let your family, loved ones know..."Mommmm's in session" and let those you live with know so you won't be disturbed.  I set my digital egg timer so I don't have to worry about time running away.

You may want to start small, say 10-15 minute chunks.  Then work up.  You'll be amazed how you begin to look forward to this. Once you feel all the mindless chatter and unimportant thoughts leave being replaced by increased focus, peace and clarity, you open yourself to boundless acceptance and joy. (just to name a few benefits).  This is your journey and will have either similar or completely different results, it's up to you.

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