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Friday, March 16, 2012

Real Beauty message




Real Beauty by Seena      

I was at the hair salon recently, sitting in the waiting area listening to the chatter around me. Above the din of blow dryers I could hear my stylist, Jeff, talking as he worked with another client. I'm not sure if he realized he was being sagacious at that moment, but he was uttering words of wisdom. What I heard was: ...that's the thing isn't it? At some point all this physical stuff changes and goes away - our hair colour, our figures, our looks - and what we're left with are qualities that  define us: charm, confidence and humour. That's ultimately what makes someone attractive anyway. That's real beauty.

Wow. Were truer words ever spoken?

I've been reflecting on his words ever since. How much time do we spend thinking 'when I've lost 15 lbs..., when I have more time..., when I ________.' Yet the clock keeps on ticking. Wrinkles are slowly etching themselves around our eyes. Try as we might we can't control it. We can work with it, though. We can make the best of what we've got at this moment and be grateful it's not any worse.

That leads to thinking about all the mental energy expended trying to do just that. When really, isn't that energy better spent on those internal qualities, that je ne sais quoi, that will become the real definition of ourselves as we look back twenty or more years from now? Because I know, and I think you know, Jeff is right. Can't we tell when someone lacks confidence? Doesn't that make their glow a little less bright? And who would you rather surround yourself with, sourpusses or people who make you laugh and smile? The same goes for our friends. So yes, looking good is important. After all, it makes us feel good. But as my wise Grandma used to say, take one last look in the mirror before you leave the house. Fix your hair and your lipstick. And then forget about it. There are more exciting things on the other side of the door.


Thank you so much Seena for sharing here.  Resonated with me this morning and know other women would appreciate it.
Good luck and be well in Canada!

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