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Monday, February 27, 2012

Harvard Study: Mediation Increases Brain Size

Harvard Study

A very interesting read...how regular mediation actually increases brain size, helps quiet unnecessary thoughts and adds to focus. 

I need to meditate MORE but how to stick with it!?  Any suggestions would be most appreciated!


  1. Stop being a lazy ass and sit there and do it! What kind of tips do you expect to "help you stick with it" i mean you either do it or you don't, nothing is going to help you "clear your mind" if you don't "Clear the time to clear your mind"

    Discipline is what sets apart loosers from winners, no one can teach it to you, its radically simple but impossibly hard to do for many....

    Set aside 5 minutes, mid day, and be happy if you do it every few days.

    Then be happy if you do it every other day.

    Then maybe kick it up to 10 minutes.

    Meditation is like Scotch, if for no other reason then the following: start small and you still won't like it, but have a tiny taste each day and before you know it you are chuggin cups

    -The Electric Buddha

  2. Yikes. I just finished a book called enLIGHTened by Jessica Gross. She said she started meditating for just a couple of minutes each day. It's easier to commit to sit for 2 minutes than for 20. As you get in the habit of 2 minutes, go a little longer until you are meditating for as long as you want. I thought this was brilliant.