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Monday, August 8, 2011

You Are Not Just A Body. You Are Your Body. Part 1

One of my mentors made a great statement, which has stuck always with me. He said, “Nature is not a background, it is our reality.  It is not a landscape in a portrait, but how we breathe and live.”  Nature is extraordinarily important to human life.  Trees are pretty, but they also do a plethora of things for mankind.  Housing, paper, and even our ability to breathe are incredible gifts from trees.  Natural processes are happening all around us and they shape our world.  Nature truly is not a background, but the foreground to human existence.  However, we often take nature’s role in our well- being for granted.  

Just as we so often take the significance of the natural world around us for granted, we often take our own bodies for granted.  Another mentor said, “You are not just a body. You are your body.”  After 13 years of giving bodywork, I believe our bodies are windows into our well-being. The body is a complex organism, with many systems working together to provide the experience of every detail of our daily lives.  The makeup of our bodies is directly related to our choices, genes, histories, diets, stress, relationships, and environments.  When the body is in a state of discomfort, it takes away from the ability for the human mind to truly enjoy life. In order for an individual to maximize life’s pleasures each person must find harmony in his or her beautifully unique body. 


Diane Matkowski is the owner of Freedom Massage in Paoli, PA. She is a continuing education provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, an organization that certifies massage therapists.Over her 13 years in this field—and tens of thousands of massage sessions—she have learned from brilliant body workers and trained with the best. Now, she endeavors to instill both her knowledge of and passion for this work in every detail of my business/bodywork.

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